Why Women’s Day Is Celebrated

Every year 8th march is observed as the International Women’s Day for women all across the world. This day has a great significance in every woman’s life as it is celebrated to appreciate the contribution made by women towards society. But why is women’s day is celebrated? This day marks the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day is also celebrated to pay respect to women for their bravery and also to reflect upon the progress made.

Today, women have proven their mettle in every field. From household to politics, women have excelled in all the fields that they have entered. They have actually managed to set new benchmarks in every field of life. To honour the success of women, International Women’s Day is celebrated all across the world.

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Why is it observed?

International Women’s Day is a very important day in every woman’s life. The day remembers the struggle of women to attain equality in society. Many celebrations in events are organized to recognize the advocacy reflections actions unity and rights of women. Several programs are organized all across the world in order to raise awareness against important issues like domestic violence, gender inequality, female foeticide etc. These programs and events encourage the government and other authorities to eliminate all types of violence against women. The day focuses on the importance of women equality where they can achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams without facing any sort of hindrances in their way. Even many of the officers are known to celebrate Women’s Day in order to value their female employees. This is the day when the extraordinary achievements of women appraised and appreciated even by the government of the country.

How is International Women’s Day celebrated worldwide?

Various events are held on this particular day to mark the importance of women in society. Influential women such as entrepreneurs, business leaders, inventors, and celebrities are invited at various reasons to deliver a speech on a special occasion. Events like conferences, seminars, luncheons, and dinner are organized where these important female personalities are invited. Not just that, events like art performances, rallies and matches are also organized to celebrate the importance of Women’s Day.

Women are an important part of society. They should be treated with respect and the freedom to live there life on their own terms. International Women’s Day marks the struggles initiated by women to attain equality in society.

Updated: March 27, 2019 — 5:58 pm

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