World Blood Donor Day 2019 Quotes Images Meme Theme

World Blood Donor Day 2019 Quotes Images Meme Theme:- World Blood Donor day is a day to pay thank for those who donate their priceless blood to needy people and save a life. Blood Donor day celebrated all over the world on 14th June every year. The event observes to pay honor to blood donor and raise awareness of blood donation in society, so we can save human life in an emergency.

World Blood Donor Day Quotes
World Blood Donor Day Quotes

Blood donor day celebrates the birthday of great scientist Karl Lendstnear, who won the Nobel prize for discovering ABO blood group and also an auspicious opportunity to donate our blood that can save a valuable life.
The World Donate day is one of eight global public health campaigns including World health day, World tuberculosis day, etc. that will prove our health services. It is a matter of greatness and humanity to donate because it can save a life and also save the life of that related person because of a single person matter a lot.

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World Blood Donor Day

World Blood Donor Day 2019 Quotes Images Meme Theme

The Main motto of celebration to produce safe blood product. On this significant day, Blood Donation camps take place all over the world and youth take the part with great passion and excitement and donate Blood. On this day Speeches also take place in Schools, Colleges and Public place in which they inspire us to do this. People who play an admirable role also get the reward for his effort in this field.

‘Be there for someone else, Share Life, Give Blood’, is the slogan of this year celebration

“The measure of life is not its duration, but its donation.” – Peter Marshall

“There is no great joy than saving a soul.”

“Bring a life back to power. Make blood donation your responsibility”

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“Love is much like a wild rose, beautiful and calm, but willing to draw blood in its defense.” – Mark Overby

“Blood Saves Lives. Safe Blood Starts With Me”.

a“Blood Connects us All”.

World Blood Donor Day Messages
World Blood Donor Day Messages

“I owe my life to blood donors. I’m forever grateful to people who donate”. – Niki Taylor

“I’ve been involved with blood donation since the 1980s because there is a critical need”. – Donna Reed

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“Someone’s blood saved my life and made my mom smile – was that you?” – A 5 yr old Kid

A life may depend on a gesture from you, a bottle of Blood.

Share a little, care a little – Donate Blood.

According to the World Health Organisation, about 840 women die every day all over the world due to a shortage of blood during the time of baby birth. It shows the importance of this kind of celebrations. This year we are also going to take part in this proudly moment on the 14th year and will try to be a hero by donating Blood and save a life.

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